Monday, January 21, 2013

Radian6 Product Review

Company Introduction

Radian6 was launched in 2006 by Chris Newton & Chris Ramsey in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. [1] The system is designed to help organizations monitor and engage social media activities. It is a system designed to help companies monitor and engage social media activates. The product is used by marketing, communication and customer support professionals.

On March 30, 2011, Radian6 was acquired by SalesForce for $326M. It is now part of Saleforce Marketing Cloud product suite.[2]

Product Overview

Radian6  helps social media managers uncover influencers, track and measure engagement and determine which conversations are having an impact online. It contains integrated social media, CRM and web analytics. The system provides analysis and streamlined reports with a workflow capability.[3]

Product Features [4]

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With Radian6 you can build a social media campaign based on keywords and phrases. The campaign activity is then tracked using widgets that that show an overview. Gadgets include:

River of News

 watch the defined keywords flow into the system in real time from posts on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Conversation Cloud

A visual that allows you to see top words surrounding your product or brand. This helps you watch what is trending.

Topic Analysis

Charts are used for analysis and can be used to drill down to the specifics.
Share data
It is easy to share data with other users via HTML, XML, PDF or email.

Sentiment Accuracy

The tone of a post is important and Radian6 can assign a sentiment so that you can sort posts and focus on the ones the user needs. Sentiment definitions can be modified to provide the sorting the user needs.

Help, Support & Documentation

Training tools, help documentation, tutorials and support are available and are of quality. Live chat is available and small and medium business are provided with an account manager who can help you get started.


Radian6 is a very useful tool and is of high quality. There is a learning curve because this is an extensive product and the user must have an understanding of the social media world. The user will find great value in using this product and it will provide time saving capabilities. Companies that have active products and social activity will find it invaluable.



  1. I had never heard of Radian6 before, but I am very familiar with Thanks for helping me better understand the benefit of using Radian6 as an additional tool. One question, is Radian6 being operated separately under or is working on integrating the site and resources under their domain?

    1. They are incorperating it from a branding prospective into their product suite but it is still a product on its own.