Saturday, January 26, 2013

Better Than Free.

Not long ago in 2008, very few believed that Google Chrome will be preferred to any other internet browser. As of today, "Chrome" keeps taking over market share and does not show any signs of slowing down. It is faster, much more stable than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and of course it is free. 

After conquering web browsing, Google began invading web analytics business by introducing new version of Google Analytics in April of 2011[1].

Web Analytics tools were never cheap. In addition to software, trained and experienced analysts are necessary to effectively analyze generated reports and statistics. Just like Chrome, Google Analytics is 100% free. This feature is very attractive for any online business and therefore in many instances, GA is a preferred solution compared to pricey analytics software from Omniture or Intel. GA is supported by the talent of Google and it is available at no cost. It must be the best option out there, or is it?

SiteCatalyst from Omniture is definitely not a free solution, but yet it is a popular choice among businesses. Even though there is initial license cost, SC was able to successfully compete with GA by providing dedicated support and having a very aggressive advertising and sales complains.

Even with additional resources, SC could not stay idle and risk being pushed out of the market.  In 2009 after Omniture was acquired by Adobe, SC was packaged into Adobe Analytics. Adobe realized that smaller businesses will most likely prefer GA due to low cost; instead Omniture Business Unit (OBU) was customized for bigger companies that require not only statistical reports but would prefer complete marketing solutions. As of today, Adobe Analytics bundle offers much more than GA. 

This bundle contains:
  •           SiteCatalyst
  •           Discover
  •           Insight
In additional to SC, “Discover” is capable of providing deeper online statistical data in real time, “Insight” can add and/or compare customer activity online as well as offline[2].
     Google Analytics will no doubt be able to compete with this bundle in the future, but it will take some time and significant demand from business sector. While this demand is building, Adobe moves forward by introducing it’s new solution for 2013. Adobe Marketing Cloud offers complete solution to Web Marketing effort.  As of today this is the ultimate bundle for online marketing.[3]

   Instead of competing, Google and Omniture/Adobe share the market and concentrate on servicing specific market segments. Google Analytics is perfect by smaller companies. Adobe Marketing Cloud is a very expensive tool, but will satisfy all and any need of a large company. This solution will not only generate your standard reports and statistics, but will also suggest ways for improving ROI and other essential business metrics. Adobe’s “Social” bundle goes as far as putting actual monetary value on your social media campaigns (right after you write that big check of course)[4]!


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