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For many modern businesses, having effective competency and capability levels in Web (Digitial) Analytics is critical to achieve their goals within their increasingly competitive environments.

Web (Digital) Analytics has been commonly defined as "...the collection, analysis and reporting of data about website usage."  Different types of experiences (e.g. mobile) available to organizations and users have moved beyond the web.  Therefore, this definition and related thinking/practices need to be broadened.  As such, this course will begin by exploring foundational knowledge and best practices within the web analytics context.  As the course progresses, it will extend into a broader context including but not limited to mobile analytics.

This course, Web (Digital) Analytics I, is the first half (1.5 credits) of what is intended to be a 3 credit course.  As such, this course is intended to provide students with working knowledge of only "the basics" of Web (Digital) Analytics.  The second half of this course, Web (Digital) Analytics II, will focus on more advanced topics within Web (Digital) Analytics.

Learning Objectives (Web Analytics I)

After successful completion of this course, the student will:
  • Understand why organizations invest in Web (Digital) Analytics and why different organizations may have different approaches for the same
  • Have knowledge about the past, present and future of Web (Digital) Analytics including identifying resources for staying current
  • Have gained a high-level understanding Web (Digital) Analytics technologies and how to make/take part in related decisions about investments therein
  • Have knowledge of "the basics" of Web (Digital) Analytics
    • From a subset of individually chosen Web (Digital) Analytics topics, have a deeper knowledge
  • Have had hands-on experience with analyses and related Web (Digital) Analytics tools

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