Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Here is the top video to ever grace YouTube…

Gangnam Style video has over 1,310,417,420 views.  6,994,848 likes.  This is the first video to ever receive over 1 billion views.  Very impressive, right? 

This is another great video that had amazing success.

“In the first three months after the startup posted the clip on YouTube last March, it racked up 4.75 million views--thanks in large part to shares on social media sites.” ~1

This video went viral, as defined in Wikipedia a viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. ~ 2

This video was one of the fastest most popular video’s to go viral.  It ended up have great dividends for the company. 

In the first 48 hours after the video debuted on YouTube, some 12,000 people signed up for the service. Aside from some Google ads, there has been no other marketing.~1

So we have two examples of videos that have had major success.  How are the videos on your site doing?  How and what statistics should you be monitoring?  This probably isn’t going to shock you but I am going to tell you.

Top things to know about YouTube analytic's.

First you can view the analytics by logging into your YouTube channel and clicking on analytics.  That will allow to see the following left hand side navigation with all your analytic choices.

Youtube Analytics, Video Metrics, YouTube KPI's

Now here are the top 5 metrics or KPI’s that you will need to monitor and follow.  There is a great article written by Megan O’Neill on Socialtimes.com, about the top metrics to monitor, the following are what she recommended with my definitions and reasons for needing to follow these metrics. ~ 3

Top 5 Metrics for YouTube Videos:

·      Views:  Track the number of views on a week-by-week or day-by-day basis.  This will help you to track how viral the video has gone and the amount of exposure your message (video) is getting.
·      Demographics:  Understand who is actually viewing your video. Then ask yourself is this my audience that I want to reach?  Or do I not know who my audience is?  This will give you insight into who should be marketing to?
·      Discovery:  How are they discovering your video?  Watching where your video is being displayed will help you to understand the impact your video is having.  Is it being recommended by related videos or is from mobile device, etc.…
·      Engagement:  Do people just watch your video or do they engage with it?  Do the comment, rate it, favorite it?  What country are they from?  These are all things you will want to know to determine the success of your video.
·      Subscribers:  Does your video help you to gain subscriptions?  Do people watch your video and then say I have to see what else they produce?  These are the analytics you will want to track.

So there you have it, the metrics or KPI’s you need to track and can track with youtube.com’s analytics.

Happy Viewing!

1. Pullen, John Patrick:  “How a Dollar Shave Club’s Ad Went Viral”,   www.entrepreneur.com, Oct 13, 2012, accessed 2/10/2013

3.  O’Neill, Megan:  “The Complete Guide To Using YouTube Insight To Monitor Your Viral Video Success”, www.socialtimes.com, Sept 13, 2010, accessed 2/11/2013


  1. The title to your post pulled me in, like a tractor beam. Great article and great videos!