Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why you should be using the Google URL Builder

Why you should be using the Google URL Builder

As a marketer, google analytics can be a dreamland. But more often than not, it creates paralysis through analysis. The google URL builder will allow you to get to the meat of your marketing efforts and tell you what you want to know. Which is: What campaigns are providing the best ROI?

Google breaks down the URL builder in to five key points, so that you can sort the data in analytics.

1) Source: the origin of the referral. For example, you can put Facebook.
2) Medium: helps qualify the source. Together the source and medium give you specific information about the origin of the referral. In the case of Facebook as your source, you can use social media as your medium.
3) Term: word or phrase a user types into a search engine. Paid keywords.
4) Content: the version of the advertisement on which a visitor clicked. Use this to differentiate ads.
5) Campaign Name: product, promo code, or slogan. How you will differentiate this campaign from others in Google Analytics, for example, this campaign is "URL Builder blog.

There are two ways to quickly access the tool. The first in in the google help center:

Or if you are particularly tech savvy you can download the Google Chrome Add on

More importantly what does the data look like in google analytics?

Isn't that data beautiful? It's simple easy to read, and you know exactly which campaigns are working best.

Or as Emily Tim puts it in her blog: "Building correct links allows you to properly and accurately analyze which sources in your marketing strategy are working best and which are ineffective; thus, saving you time, money and resources while you fuel the fires that make you money."


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