Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why analytics? Why me?

Why analytics? Why me?

You want to be a professional.  You want to be at the top of you game, you want your company to be huge.  You have the people skills, the money skills, you can advertise and strategize.  So why analytics, what does analytics do for you and for your business? 


If you know who your customer is, where your customer is, and what they do and who they like, you can target them with specific advertisements.  Advertisements can be targeted through social networks, and be so specific that you need not worry about wasting your effort.  Targeted advertising can be done specifically to your “followers” in Twitter.  Or based on geographical location, age, gender, interests, anything you can think of to target.  The sorting of demographic data is done through analytics and it is going to change the face of advertising.  This is a good thing for both consumer and producer.  No more will men be subjected to feminine hygiene products, or the like.  Ads will targeted, and more successful.  Also with the power of customers to react to product you are forced by your public to make ads and products even better.


Humans are deep down lazy these days.  No one wants to find small golden nuggets in your website of doom.  They bounce!  If customers can’t find what they are looking for in a few quick clicks they are done and someone else gets their eyeballs.  How can you tell if your website is successful? Analytics!  You can track your bounce rate, your click-through rate, who goes where and from what country.  You can make small tweaks based on the information gathered and make a constantly improving experience.  How often does Facebook upload code?  Twice a day!  A website is like a rough stone rolling along the bottom of a riverbed, constantly being shaped and changed to smooth perfection.


What is business about?  Making money, and with analytics you can make more.  Target smarter, sell more, improve your brand image, it’s that easy.  It does not matter which analytics software you use.  Information is power.  As a business you want to know everything about your customer (no privacy) so you can make more money off of him/her.  Get more people interested in your products, create demand, raise your prices, expand, outsource, and make more money.  If you don’t like analytics, hire someone who does.  You will have more success with it than without it.

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