Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tweets to Clicks

Until recently, websites have struggled to accurately measure how much of their traffic was a result of Twitter.[1]  For about the past year, Twitter Analytics has solved this problem with the launch of this new service. Some of the key benefits of Twitter analytics include:
  • How much of the website content is being shared across the twitter network
  • The amount of website traffic sent from Twitter
  • Effectiveness of Tweet button integration
Twitter Desktop

Depending on what is trying to be accomplished there are now many other options available that provide twitter analytics. SocialBro is more of hybrid that analyzes not only your Twitter feed and followers but also marketing campaign success.[2] One of the reasons that makes SocialBro valuable is the ability to receive real time data regarding Tweets. This can be used to determine at what time of the day Tweets are most effective and when Tweets should be sent. Other benefits of SocialBro include:
  • ·        Number of followers
  • ·        Followers who have not followed you back
  • ·        Followers you have not followed back
  • ·        Language that followers are Tweeting
  • ·        Time zone of followers
  • ·        Follower demographics
  • ·        How frequent followers are online
  • ·        Number of Tweets followers have sent

SocialBro Desktop

Another great Twitter Analytics tool is TweetReach which helps determine how far your Tweets actually go. By inserting the URL of a blog or any other website in your Tweet enables you to determine the reach of the Tweet. TweetReach will also compile of list of people that have shared your Tweet with others and how influential these people are. This can help make a network of followers that have the most influence on Tweets and that can reach an even further network of people that you might not have access to.

TweetReach Report

One of the more simple Twitter Analytics tools would have to be TwentyFeet which does what most of the others services mentioned above. A great feature on TwentyFeet is you can see a more successful day for Tweeting and then repeat what was done that day to gain such success. Some features of TwentyFeet include:
  • ·        Twitter follower growth
  • ·        Amount of mentioned received
  • ·        Amount of retweets received
  • ·        Amount of Tweets in a day
  • ·        Retweets given in a day
  • ·        Replies given in a day

TwentyFeet Report

By implemented some of all of these technologies into a Twitter account or campaign can enable someone to make the right choices regarding who they tweet to and who the follow. Nothing loses followers faster than meaningless Tweets that have little or no value to the follower. These technologies can pinpoint when and what Tweet have the biggest impact for companies and websites

[1] https://dev.twitter.com/blog/introducing-twitter-web-analytics


  1. I reviewed the same article that you did and i agree with a lot of what you said. Nice post.

  2. Great post, Todd R. This would have been perfect research for my supervisor today who asked me what a hash tag is and what is its purpose. "Why do companies put a hashtag instead of a website?" "I'm not a tweetor."

  3. Very insightful post on the complexities of Twitter. Good analysis!