Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Analyzing Adobe's Compaign To Promote "Marketing Cloud" Solution

How's our social media performing?
·         Engagement with our Facebook app

There was an initial spike in engagement with our Facebook app at launch and for our live debate. It then significantly decreased until we started a paid media promotion through Promoted Tweets in late November.

·         Twitter mentions by term

"Social Analytics" and #DigitalMarketing continue to be hot industry topics. Mentions and reach for "Adobe Marketing" and #MetricsNotMyths is growing. Our nearly unanimous positive/neutral sentiment continues.

How are people finding us?
We're analyzing a number of web metrics to understand how many people are visiting our site, what sources are driving traffic, the duration of each visit, and what actions visitors are taking.
·         Digital Marketing campaign — Web site visits

Awareness from paid media, combined with social and press coverage about the campaign, drove a significant amount of traffic to our site — we saw a 10x increase on launch day. Since then, we've seen smaller spikes, but continue to see traffic 2-3x our prior weekly average run rates.

·         Referring sources for traffic

Knowing how people make their way to our site helps us allocate resources and budget to the right things. Looking at the top sources of traffic to our site, we can see the impact of our display and print campaign, as well as the importance of media coverage in driving traffic.

·         Time spend from social sources
In a recent blog post, we discussed how video content has gotten a large number of views, and has also been a huge driver of traffic to our site. Here we see that YouTube is our top referring social source. What's more, we can see that people coming from YouTube spend the most time on the site at over 11 minutes per visitor.

So, what's the bottom line?
Ultimately, we're working to turn visitors into solid leads. Thanks to Adobe Marketing Cloud, we can track the process from beginning to end.
To the right, you see the total number of visits to the Adobe Marketing Cloud site during the first six weeks of the campaign, along with the number of people filling out a form to request more information. Our increase of 45% over our pre-campaign baseline run weekly average continues.

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