Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Tools for Mobile App Analytics

5 Tools for Mobile App Analytics

In 2015 the mobile app industry will be worth $36.7 billion. [i] With such exponential growth in an industry that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, mobile app analytics is expected to be one of the biggest needs the industry will face. Here is a basic review of five companies that already have a head-start.

1.  Crashlytics

Crashlytics does one thing extremely well: crash analysis.  In other words, it tells developers when their app crashes. Their crash reports allow developers to view the total number of crashes over time, the number of users affected, and a detailed list of all the issues. This tool can be extremely valuable in pinpointing different bugs and issues in your app performance. Crashlytics also claims to be a ‘lightweight’ solution,  meaning it shouldn’t bog down usage in the app itself. Plus, the reports seem to be very easy to understand, view, and use. The crashlytics website is so beautiful I imagine just looking at their reports would be an enjoyable experience.

2. Playtomic

Playtomic is specifically tailored to app developers in the gaming industry.  This tool allows you to track player behavior during gameplay. This robust tool works across all platforms and is designed to help improve the player’s experience. Playtomic boasts a wide range of features allowing you to track:
  • How many people abandon your game in the first minute
  • What language players use 
  •  At what location players are leaving the game
  •  How many players are on each level
  • Custom metrics you select

3. Distimo

Distimo offers broad analytics in reference to how your app is selling across various platforms. One of its most valuable tools is the sales funnel analysis, which allows developers to track how users are buying the app from discovery to purchase. Distimo also provides actual market data, allowing developers to analyze the competition’s daily downloads and revenues. This is a fantastic tool if you’re looking for market research and conversion tracking.

4. Appboy

Appboy is focused on improving relationships with your app users. Creating customer profiles allows the developer to segment their audience and provide ad campaigns catered to each segment. Customer engagement and loyalty is the goal here. Valuable for apps with recurring revenue streams.

5. Mopapp

Mopapp attempts to provide a comprehensive analytics platform.  It features sales channel analytics similar to Distimo (though not the market research side) and the customer enagement analytics similar to Appboy. There is a large focus on improving app store ratings and rankings here.

Due to the wide variety of apps and tools available, it is extremely important to find what works best. Mashable has a great article that emphasizes the importance of analytics before launch, choosing the best KPI’s and finding the right tool for you.[ii]