Saturday, January 26, 2013

YouTube and Social Media Adverting

Social media is one of the hottest topic in marketing right now, not only does it expose your brand and raises awareness to the customer, it’s usually less expensive than  other forms of media.  In these blog we will discuss advertising on YouTube, more specifically some of the advertising vehicles YouTube uses and what type of business scenarios can be successful in them.  YouTube is a huge vehicle for adverting with over 4 billion views a day and 800 unique users every month, if it were a search engine it would be the 2nd largest search engine on the web twice as large as Yahoo and Bing combined! (1.)

Display Ads


The first ad type we are going to discuss is the YouTube Masthead. The Masthead is what you see when you first log into you tube, this advertising is usually better suited for larger companies, with a ticket cost of 375K a day this can be a pretty pricey advertising campaign.  (2)  These ads are a 970X250 and can include videos in them.

The home page generates over 45 million views per day, this translates to a cost of less than a cent per visitor or about $8.33 per thousand. This is a great option for raising awareness and letting the customer interact with the brand. Since most of these ads let you play the video beyond just the ad, you can create a very interactive offering for your consumer. Here is a great example from one of the most awesome film ever made by men, women, or God! Enjoy

This example is actually an Expandable Masthead, it runs from 970X250 to 9750X500 when selected. It will also let your customer subscribe to the advertisers channel, and allows the advertiser to keep in constant contact with you through uploaded videos.

Standard Banner Ads

Since most of us are not going to be able to dish out 375K for our small business ads (except if you’re Mic...baller!) In this section we will talk about Banner Ads, you have seen these ads often on YouTube 

There are two types of these ads. The Standard banner ads which appear to the side and the InVideo (pictures below) ads those appear on the bottom of the video while a customer is watching.  

These ads are great for small businesses, which can geographically and demographically target users.  The business can target the ads very specifically, for example let say you own a Hipster Glasses Co. in Salt Lake City, UT. Assuming hipsters aren't too cool to watch YouTube from their organically made MacBooks, you can target 18-30 year old in the Salt Lake Area who have interest in social reform and the Indie Music.
Another, more relevant, example is if you are a personal trainer and you want to target people in the area that are looking up exercise videos and proper form. These ads will work well for this purpose, you can target the videos people watching and hopefully  
 You can also limit your budget on how much you are willing to pay per ad and how many impressions you want. These are measured by ad imprecision and click through rates, the measurement are reported through YouTube analytics.  Again these ad vehicles are best used to target your business and reduce your ad budget, since youtube ads are not as over-saturated as Google AdWords, you can get a better return on your advertising dollars and create more compelling ad campaign for your local business.
The characteristics of InVideo ads is that these ads 480x70 and they can have a link to another video that can advertise your business and tell the customer a bit more about what you do. The Standard  Banner ad 350x250 and can have outside links and animation but no sound. While Standard Banner ads are not as visible as the InVideo ads, they are a great compliment to them.  
This concludes the section of the Display ads, in the next section we will cover streamings Ads and how they can help your business further evolve.


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  2. I never realized how much search traffic Youtube gets. I thought I was one of the few who use it that way. Placing ads next to specific content types is a great way to leverage the Youtube platform.

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