Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Social Media and YouTube ad Vehicles

Okay well in this addition of the YouTube blog…(brought to you by the one and only useless Russian in the MBA program Emil Budilov!…Thank you…Thank you. You don’t have to get up, no standing ovations necessary) we will further discuss some vehicles you can use on YouTube to advertise your business. We will talk about True View ads and setting up a Channel. 

Channel  (Click her for an example of one I made for myself)

The Channel is essentially your initial brand page, this is where you would keep all your videos and you can customize this webpage to your business preference. Essentially this is like your webpage, customer can subscribe to it and will be updated with new videos that you upload on your channel. You can also customize the channel to limit accessibility from some demographics and build your brand using YouTube Analytics. The Channel has three set up option, based on what your business needs are. The “User Channel” is a basic free channel, the customization is limited, but you can still measure results using YouTube Analytics. The next option is the “Brand Channel” this channel is also free but you would need to subscript thought a YouTube account representative in order to set it up. This channel allows you to add branding information such as headers and background images and you have the option of adding remarketing and impression tags on this channel. The final option is the “Custom Brand Channel”, this is a paid option, in this option you are able to ad web applications on the channel that can further customize your users’ experience, and you will also be allowed live streaming on this channel.
So no matter what other advertising vehicles you will use you will need to set up a Channel for your brand. (1)


These ads you have seen often, this is a video ad you elect to watch it. These ads are attractive because you only pay for the ad if the viewer decides not to skip, because viewers are electing to watch these ads click through rates on these are reported to be as high as 4%.  All these ads can be set up by AdWords for video and targeted using the previous mentioned demographics (4). So if you want your customer to watch better get them interested quickly, here is a video we made for a class about Leadership as you can see the first 5 seconds are capturing, so you would be interested in watching the rest of it. I would further target this video to be played for people that are interest in self help or management consulting interest. This would play the first 5 seconds for the people and then they can choose to skip it or watch the video and like my channel.

TrueView Ad Family Types

There are four types of “TrueView” ads. “TrueView in-search ads” these ads are the ones that appear on the YouTube search page, you only pay for this when a customer elects to watch it. “TrueView in-Display ads” these ads appear when a user is actually watching a video, your ad video will be displayed to the right of the video (see picture). “TrueView in-stream ads”, these types of ads lead to the largest conversion ratio of as high as 4%.  The ad is displayed the beginning, end or the middle of the video, the customer can skip the ad after 5 seconds. The advertiser only pays for the ad if the ad customer watches 30 seconds or the whole ad if under 30 seconds. This ad type allows you to engage with a truly interested audience, since the audience can skip your ad after 5 seconds, if the customer elect in watching it they are more engaged in company message.  The Final ad type is the “TrueView in-slate ads” these ads appear in front of videos that are longer than 10 minutes, customer will chose from 3 different advertisers and you pay only if your ad is chosen.(2)

With the “True View” advertising option you can not only target customers by the previously discussed demographics, but because they have the option to skip the ads, these is a micro targeted demographic that’s actually interested in engaging with the company. To clarify the above point, you may be a Bicycle shop in the Salt Lake City area, and you target your advertising to people that life within 50 miles of your shop and that are looking up biking video and outdoor sports.  The targeting is optimally selected, but it still can’t pin point that the consumer as looking to purchase a product or service. With the “TrueView ads” if this customer selects to watch your advertisement it further targets them as someone that’s interested in your services. In marketing it’s said that 50% of your ad budget is wasted, you just don’t know which 50%, this helps to minimize this a great deal. (3)

With these two tools you can further increase your business very affordable and it's very simple to make channels and  capture them by an interesting video and target the exact consumer you would like. 



  1. Excellent article. I've been trying to figure out something similar to Youtube advertising and you just totally answered the question. ;)
    This post is really appreciated. Thanks again!