Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Recently I saw a tweet directed to a company’s customer service with the hash tag #nevahold. As I was unfamiliar with this, I searched for this term and was surprised at what I found.         
Nevahold is a Ghanaian startup company which went online in late 2012. This company aims to take “customers’ requests and questions through their platform, and if the company doesn’t reply in reasonable time gives negative reviews on social sites.”
Additionally, the hash tag #nevahold can be added to any tweet to increase awareness of a possible customer service issue and, ideally, spur action by the company regarding that customer service issue.
Nevahold does not exist simply to complain about bad experiences with companies. There is a “praise” option on the website, which can provide positive support and visibility for a company. Additionally, “nevaHold is different from others because not only does it want to help the customers, it also seeks to improve the experience for the company’s side as well. It offers a customer service tutorials in addition to their quicker and more complete support resolution, and less negative social media feedback. NevaHold believes that great customer service is more powerful than promotions and discounts, and hopes to help brands leverage smart CRM to help them stand out in a crowded digital economy.”

It remains to be seen how this will affect companies. Currently, according to, Nevahold is ranked 2,499,790 among websites. According to Twitter, Nevahold currently has 585 followers. This data clearly suggests that Nevahold has a ways to go in accomplishing its goals in influencing responses from large companies. However, as the company is really only about six months old, there is plenty of time for this to catch on and start influencing customer service for the better.

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  1. Thank for the post Alex. Nevahold is strongly making a positive impact for both consumers and brands. A new feature was launch recently, which allows twitter users to crowd source their accounts. These accounts are used once a day to support other consumers with support issues. Why not put your twitter account into another good use now