Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Web analytics is important for E-commerce?

Nowadays, with an increasing demand of E-commerce to provide customers the convenience to make purchases online, in the comfort of their own homes. Many site owners believe that the more visitors they can attract to their sites, the more business they will conduct. But is it true that having more people to visit your site, also mean you have more customers who will purchase your products?

For an online business owner, it is much more important to have more visitors who buy from them, and return to the site to buy some more at a later time, than having visitors just to browse the site. So the question for business owners to ask is “How can I convert the visitors to become the customers?”  The answer to this question is how much he/she knows how to take the advantage of using Web analytic to aid his/her business marketing strategy and decision making process.

The term “Web analytic” often overlooked as just a process of data collection and measurement of users’ behaviors on Web sites.  Collecting data and measurement of users’ behavior alone is not useful, unless if the site owner understands how to interpret the data that was collected and applies that information to his/her business marketing strategies.

So exactly what information a Web analyst would want to track? Getting visitors to website is one thing and making them perform your desired action is a different thing.  Every visitor who visits the site has a reason to come to the site. If you, as the business owner, can identify and provide them a reason to come to your site, then you know how to add value to the success of your business. The point here is how can you analyze the needs of your website visitors?

With the help of the Web analytic software, there are many things that you can monitor: you can track to see how many visitors you had over a period of time, how long the customers are staying on the site, how many pages the customers saw within the website, or whether they enter your site by entering a URL or by clicking on some other site that your site link up with, etc.

A complete analysis of the user behavior will provide a marketing department confident to explore the options in their decision making process.  Once you have done the in-depth Web analysis, you can make any changes to your website in order to ensure that you can convert the visitors to become the customers. Moreover, you can combine multiple internet marketing outlets to add to your integrated marketing strategy that leverages multiple customer contact points you may be missing out on easy business.


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