Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Facebook Analytics Platform

The Facebook Analytics Platform

Want to know who “liked” or mentioned your company on Facebook? What about where these people are located and other demographics? How about the same info about your competitors? Take a look at “Optimal –the leading social media advertising and analytics platform”.  http://www.optimalsocial.com/

How was your company ranked in the national “Optimal Brand Index” in December 2012 in comparison to your competitors?  What about in June 2012? “Optimal” has all these answers and more. All the key social metrics of brands “liked” and mentioned on Facebook are tracked and ranked on a monthly basis by this company’s proprietary method “calculated using user engagement, popularity and cost of fan reach.”

Interestingly enough, according to the Optimal Brand index of the most “liked” and talked about brands on Facebook, Facebook ranks in the sixth place beneath Macy’s, Subway, Kohls, Coca-Cola and Disney. Take a look at the index online at the link below:

You will notice that their list of the top 50 major brands are weighted by a combination of factors such as “Engagement” measured as the number of people talking about a company as a percentage of likes. Optimal also uses a global cost per click metric that is updated weekly.

“Optimal” specializes in allowing marketers to not only analyze their Facebook fan base instantly and on an on-going basis, but also the ability to “separate potential customers from window shoppers”.  Managers can track the competition and see how effective their ad campaigns are through Facebook.

The ”Optimal” analytics platform for Facebook includes several components:

  •  Audience Matrix
  •  Keyword Expander (see 2 minute video demo here:  http://youtu.be/t1NQgwr8yPk )
  •  Keyword Explorer
  •  Optimal Brand Index

Market Researchers at IBM have stated that there is an increasing trend of companies leaning more toward non-traditional advertising mediums. Avoiding the hard selling techniques and traditional market research methods of the past such as surveys are becoming a constant theme today.

With more and more attention being placed on the increasing number of users of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and others, it is no wonder that companies increasingly want to use information about these users to sell their products and services. Because of the wide range of users and popularity of the Facebook website, it has been recognized as a very cost effective resource for marketers across a variety of industries to focus their attention on. 

It’s interesting to see the level of detail “Optimal” can provide for strategic decision making and advanced competitive intelligence all from just using Facebook users. Some people would probably assume that the most anyone would ever dream of trying to do with research data from Facebook is simply monitoring the number of times a company Is “liked”. 


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