Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Web Analytics Learning Resources

   There are many different resources available to help learn Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization.  Most resources, of course, are available online, but there are also a couple texts that have been created by experts in the field.  These resources have developed overtime and are mostly free or fairly inexpensive. The Web Analytics industry is one that is open to free learning on concepts and ideas through podcasts online tutorials, blogs, webinars, and project assignments site. Below is a summary of 5 resources that can be beneficial for understanding Web Analytics.

Analysis Exchange:  This is an online organization the helps analytics professionals, students, and mentors who have a passion for working with Web Analytics and analyzing data. It is designed for non-profit organizations to be able to take advantage of the skills of the Web Analytics community.  Anyone can signup and it is completely free. Mentors are assigned to the projects that non-profits have developed and then mentors select students and developing professionals to take part in the project. The Analysis Exchange provides real world hands-on experience for people who are hoping to get into the field and community. (1)

Beyond Analytics Podcasts:  A Web Analytics podcast that has multiple contributors from the measure community. Top contributors include noted Web Analyst like Adam Greco, Rudi Shumpert and Juston Cutroni. Topics include discussions about vendors, strategy, industry trends, careers, and many more.  These podcasts are free and are posted once or twice a week on average.  Visitors to this site can comment and ask questions about the topics discussed on the podcast. These questions are also posted for others to read and clear up questions that may arise about the topics discussed.

Check out the podcasts here:

Web Analytics Demystified Free Textbooks:  Eric T. Peterson is a well-respected industry analyst that has provided two free online books that have detailed information on Web Analytics and developing your company’s KPIs.  These books are free, other than printing them. They provide high and low level details about Web Analytics basics and advanced strategies for applying Web Analytics to the decision making of the company’s online marketing efforts and site improvement.

Invesp Webinars: Invesp is a conversion optimization firm that specializes in increasing conversion rates for companies. They use web analytics data to analyze their client’s sites and make decisions on improvements. Invesp was founded by  Khalid Saleh & Ayat Shukairy, who are industry leads in the Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization.  Invesp provides a free webinar one to two times a month that provides excellent information on how companies can collect analytic data and being to truly analyze the visitor behavior to harness them into returning customers.(2)  Invesp webinars also have developed traditional marketing techniques such as clustering and persona assignment to online visitor activity. These webinars are gear toward the marketer making them simple and very high level. 

Anyone can sign up for these webinars for free at

Landing Page Optimization Text: Tim Ash is the CEO of, a landing page optimization and consulting firm, and has been a regarded presenter at Web Analytics and Conversion events.  Tim puts together a great resource to help companies and individuals measure and improve their landing pages. The text provides case studies and real world examples of success stories. The book also covers the pros and cons of certain strategies as well as how to setup testing and what metrics to look for when measuring and improving websites. This book does have a small fee, but the knowledge that can be gained will provide more than enough ROI. (2)

To purchase the book go here:

These five resources will provide a great foundation for those just getting their feet wet in the Web Analytics industry as well provide seasoned experts additional insights and new strategies.



  1. Thanks for the shout out to the podcast!


  2. Thanks. I think it really important to have resources to explore to review basics, and explore advanced topics, in any discipline whether its WA, acct., finance, etc. Great list!